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KickAss Cowgirls 
Christy Heffner
Kassie Leigh and Debby Bell
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About KickAss Cowgirls
The KickAss Cowgirls are an eclectic group of women determined to do some good in this world. Originally founded in April 2011 by Stephanie Cash, Steph enlisted the help of several cowgirls from up & down the East Coast to start what has become a cowgirl "pay it forward" movement. Over the past two years we have accomplished what some might call impossible. Almost 27,000 members and still going strong, we plan to host many more  fundraisers & auctions to help those who need a Leg Up to get back in the saddle.
Strong, wild, and beautifully unique, are the KickAss Cowgirls. You mess with one cowgirl, you get us all.